Metallic Networks in Plexiglass

Getting The Best Of Metallic Networks in Plexiglass

Poliplex has been delivering metallic networks in plexiglass since its initialisation in 2004. We work tirelessly to ensure you get the best customer service and satisfaction. Our main priority is to make timely deliveries of every order without compromising the quality. Your only task is to give us the specifications and allows us to come up with the fabrications. The combination of our state of the art machinery and our skilled team is enough to exceed your expectations. We have so far proven to be the best company in the field of cast acrylic, and we continue to surprise our customers by achieving the impossible.

Metallic Networks in Plexiglass - Wire Mesh in PlexiglassAdvantages of using our wire mesh in plexiglass

There are so many benefits that come with using our metallic networks in plexiglass products. The main advantage is that you get to end up with an incredible material whose quality is tremendous. Each piece we roll out will be exactly as you expect them to be and without any flaws. Some of the things you should expect from our metallic networks in plexiglass products include:


Our products come with an inimitable construct and design making them durable. They can thus last longer regardless of the application. The fashioning is perfect, and thanks to the keenness of our workforce, the end product is going to look exactly like actual metals. The only difference is that our products are more advanced.


We allow customisation of the products. That means you get to pick the colour, size and even the thickness of the panel to suit your needs. The product is thus going to fit exactly where you want them to without making any tweaks and modifications.

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