3DPLEX acrylic sheet

3DPLEX acrylic sheet

3D effect sheet

It is a sheet of pure single-colored acrylic, solid or transparent to light, with one glossy / shiny or satin surface and the other with 3D effects.

The sheet is 100% recyclable and has standard dimensions of 2150 x 1200 mm (but customizable cuts are possible).

Basically, the available thicknesses are 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20 mm (with a tolerance of +/- 10%), even if the geometry of the 3D effect affects the thicknesses.

In addition to a wide range already in the catalog, the color of the 3DPLEX sheet can be customized on customer request, with a minimum order quantity.

3DPLEX sheet is guaranteed for 7 years from the effects of UV rays.
The 3DPLEX sheet can be worked with traditional transformation systems: saw cutting, drilling, milling, thermoforming, hot bending, laser cutting, gluing. It can be printed directly on its planar surface.

Each 3DPLEX sheet has surfaces protected by a white film that adheres by pressure (without glues that could deteriorate the aesthetic quality of the sheet itself). The film is thermoformable and suitable for laser cutting. A PVC strip that acts as a protection during transport protects edges.

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