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Tailoring of Methacrylate

Acrylic design for plexiglass Made in Italy

Poliplex was born in 2004 and immediately has been specialized in the production of cast acrylic sheets, gaining trust and credibility on the market over the years thanks to a great attention to quality, impeccable service and a strong propensity for innovation. Features that today place Poliplex among the leading Italian companies in the sector of casting acrylic sheets.

Today Poliplex is well identified with its payoff: the Methacrylate Tailoring. A company that has always combined the quality, competence and flexibility of an artisan laboratory with the professionalism, excellence and vision of a large company, ready to satisfy the taste and needs of uniqueness of the customer, even for small quantities.

Together with the best industrial transformation machinery, Poliplex makes available its experience and ability to transform any type of product made with methacrylate sheets into reality, having the imagination as the only limit. From the production of acrylic sheets to the management of the production of final products, from the development of customized projects to the excellence of the service, Poliplex accompanies the customer in the creation of a product so customizable that it totally adapts to any desired need. Just like in a professional tailor shop.

The deep knowledge of the material and the long experience in the field of cast acrylic sheets allow Poliplex to help the customer always find the solution. In this way, it offers its customers a very high level of supply, thanks also to the careful and available organization towards achievements that the market needs for the introduction of materials and effects of absolute uniqueness.

Poliplex has always invested in experimentation technologies for innovative effects for cast acrylic sheets: standard sheets (single-moulded, double-moulded, three-colors, satin, opaline, …) are joined by acrylic sheets with incorporated materials (fabrics, wire mesh, Vienna straws , …), by cast sheets with 3D effects that can be customized on the surface, by cast sheets with a “frozen” surface effect, by cast sheets with direct printing on the surface.

In addition to the material effects, the Poliplex Technical Office is able to develop any type of customized color on request and provide a sampling to allow the customer to evaluate its quality and compliance with needs.

Poliplex: the Tailoring of Methacrylate.

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