Fashion fabrics and meshes incorporated in Plexiglas

Fabrics and meshes in Plexiglass

Poliplex Srl is known for the production of acrylic sheets, which is completely recyclable and customizable since the year 2004. It is a company that is credible, competent, flexible, and delivers quality to its customers. The company has the best industrial transformation machinery that transforms any methacrylate sheets products to whatever you can imagine. The fashion fabrics incorporated in Plexiglass support Poliplex Srl flexibility in professional methacrylate tailoring. Their service is excellent from the production of the cast acrylic sheets to the final products; the company is committed to creating customizable products according to every customer’s needs.

Fashion fabrics and meshes incorporated in PlexiglasPlexiglass with fashion fabrics inglobed

Today, Poliplex Srl has fabrics and meshes incorporated in Plexiglass and has combined both quality and competence ready to satisfy each and every need of their customers. Plexiglas is the best alternative to glass made from polymers of methacrylate and methacrylic acid. Fashion fabrics incorporated in Plexiglass gives it a warm and soft touch. It is used in place of wool or blended together. Fashion fabric prevents the Plexiglas from scratching especially in cases involving mechanical wear. Fabrics and meshes incorporated in Plexiglass allows for easy customization of the Plexiglas. They can be used to create signs, posters/map and other forms of pictures/photos ideal for office use or museum. Fashion fabric adds on strength and flexibility in creating a modern design for events and activities. It also gives you a solution to decorate apartments and trade show stands. Fashion fabrics incorporated in Plexiglas allows you to use it in any innovative way you can think of as acrylics sheet are easy to shape.

The advantage of fashion fabrics incorporated in Plexiglas

Fashion fabrics take color well and are washable. Its durability and ease of care consider it the perfect replacement to natural wool. Try it today and you will never regret your decision!

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